When traditional healthcare treatments, have in many cases become more dangerous than the conditions they treat, Science is now suggesting the solutions may lie within ... " Nature's Protocol ". 

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The Secret of Nature’s Success

 All Mammals have Cannabinoid receptors that are predominant in the brain and central nervous system, and on the cells of the immune system. CBD Receptors found on immune cells play an important role in the regulation of the immune system. Research has shown that supplementing your diet with CBDs processed from Cannabinoid producing Herbs leads to improved immunosuppression and recovery from immune-mediated injury to certain biological functions. Studies have shown CBDs constitute a highly potent treatment and preventative against a large variety of ailments in Humans and Animals. Research has shown since the discovery of Cannabinoid receptors in the body that CBDs are effective in treating immune and nervous system diseases. CBDs are currently consumed by millions of people world wide as dietary supplements to improve wellness, energy and drive. CBDs are used for treatment of a variety ailments and Illnesses such as pain, inflammation, arthritis and seizures, Immune and Neurological in humans and Pets. More recently CBD beneficial effects have been shown in the treatment of nausea and vomiting associated with cancer chemotherapy, anorexia and cachexia seen in HIV/AIDS patients, and in all types of neuropathic pain and spasticity in multiple sclerosis. Cannabinoid pharmacology has made important advances in recent years after the discovery of the cannabinoid receptors (CB1 and CB2).

 Bio-Availability Nose – Brain Pathway

Nasal delivery of CBD results in absorption of 6-8 times as much CBD compared to oral routes, which means you can take much smaller doses for the same effects. There’s so much vascularity in the nose that the CBD goes right into the bloodstream and quickly to the brain via Olfactory Mucosa that is in direct contact with the Brain and CFS. This area is termed the Nose – Brain Pathway and offers rapid and direct delivery to the brain. Oral absorption can be slower and sometimes less impactful. When you take CBD pills or swallowed drops through the stomach, the active ingredient must pass through your liver before being absorbed. This is called the first pass effect. One of the main jobs of the liver is to break up and metabolize chemicals in our blood. The veins that drain our stomach and small intestine, the main areas of absorption, drain directly to the liver for immediate degradation. That slows down and diminishes orally administered CBD effects considerably, and requires larger dosing.


 Perfected with patience, and cultivated with prudence, our products are produced by the finest Cultivators and formulated by Pharmacists bound by a standard of excellence and safety your clients can trust.

Extracted and Refined: By using pharmaceutical grade techniques to extract hemp essential oils, all plant material is removed leaving behind a golden brown honey terpene and phyto – cannabinoid rich hemp oil extract distillate that is formulated by licensed Pharmacists to create very tasty and healthy supplements and treatments. Perfectly Formulated: Leveraging the expertise of some of the most prolific Pharmacists and Chemists in the world, with the highest education in nutraceutical and pharmaceutical formulation, all products are formulated, tested and created to maximize the benefits of CBDs oil, but more importantly safety and Industry best standards. Harvested and Cured: All our Herbal based products are domestic grown, harvested by hand and dried to perfection, by some of the finest American cultivators and farming connoisseurs in the World

CBDs for Pets

Research suggests that CBDs dramatically reduce Seizures, Arthritis, Pain, Inflammation, and Anxiety not only on Humans but animals.

Pain is a sensory perception and varies in intensity depending on the nerve endings affected and localized variable intensity. Pain intensity is classified according to the duration it lasts and can be referred to as either acute or chronic. Pain is classified as chronic if it lasts longer than six months and if it continues even after treatment due to pain killer resistance. Typically, Neuropathic Pain (pain originating from nerves located in the peripheral or central nervous system) is considered chronic because it results from diseases such as Cancer, Arthritis, Epilepsy Fibromyalgia, etc. Research has shown CBDs to improve those conditions not only in Humans But in Pets

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